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Welcome to Leichhardt Eyecare

We are the optical store of choice of families in the inner-west Sydney area and nearby suburbs. We always strive for our every service to be first class, professional, effective, and highly personalised for each of our patients.

About Us

We are a locally-owned and independently-operated store. Our team consists of a very experienced and friendly group of people who are more than willing to take the time to assist you with your eye care needs.

Excellent Products and Services

You can only count on the highest quality of eye care services and products from our store. Our 30 years of business and our solid relationship with the community are solid proofs of our commitment to only provide the best.

Get in Touch with Us

Prevention is always the key! Chat with us about any of your questions regarding eye care and if you or someone you know might be experiencing changes in their vision, it is recommended that you schedule a visit soon. Call us at (02) 9560 4707.

Fashionable eyewear and effective eye care product solutions.

We got them all under one roof. We are your one-stop shop for frames, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and other eye care products. Let us know what you are looking for and we'll assist in finding you an eyewear that fits your needs and budget.

Frames & Sunglasses

Why Choose Leichhardt Eyecare

We always aim to take customer service up on a higher level by providing a personalised approach to our every patient and by making sure that they are happy with the care that they have received from us.

Our "Can Do" Approach

We are trusted by our community because of our willingness to help and provide a solution. Whether it was just a question about your vision worries, our professional team is always ready to assist.

Optical Lens Quality

We have technologically advanced lenses to help you see your world comfortably and clearly. We use premium lens manufacturers to provide our wide range of lenses in store.

Neuro-Developmental Optometry

With over 3 decades of experience in this field, Leichhardt Eyecare advocates this holistic approach to vision – that seeing clearly helps us, children especially, perform at our best.

The Latest Eyewear and Contact Lenses

We got them all for you! Choose from our international and Australian designer eyewear ranges, budget no-gap packages, prescription sunglasses, sports glasses, and technologically advanced contact lenses.

A whole new vision towards eye care.

It is our team’s aim to educate our patients and their families about the value of getting regular eye checkups as most vision problems, serious eye diseases, and even blindness are preventable through early detection.

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